Emma is 14 and was referred to Safety Net (UK) by her school as they had become aware of an intimate selfie of Emma that had been shared on social media by her boyfriend. Emma was feeling very alone, deeply betrayed and ashamed. Emma’s integrated support worker completed some work on how to stay safe online empowering Emma to make safer choices and have control.  We worked with Emma on what a good relationship is and how we consent to making safe choices going forward. During her sessions, Emma disclosed that she was self-harming, she felt it was the only way she could cope.  We supported her showing her different coping strategies and helped to build her self-esteem and emotional resilience.


Emma was encouraged to mix more at school and joined a running club.  She started to make friends and trust again.  Working closely with the school we provided specialist training for the teachers and started a peer mentoring programme. We supported Emma’s family providing internet safety sessions, enabling them to put controls in place and have honest conversations with Emma.


Feeling supported Emma was able to share that she has had thoughts of suicide, wishing she wasn’t here.  Safety Net (UK) referred Emma to CAMHs for specials support for her mental health, we liaised with her GP to provide a wrap around service to holistically support Emma.