We ask all service users to complete an evaluation of the services they have received at the end of their intervention. We also ask if they want to volunteer and if they are happy to be contacted at a later date by a researcher.  Service user feedback helps us improve our services and help to shape future service development.

Some of the many comments received from our service users include;


‘The whole process has been really helpful. I have finally been able to open up about who I am, find myself & be more self-assured & most importantly believe in myself.’


‘I received an appointment the next day and given a lot of time to talk, much faster to be seen than expected, I’ve started to find my true self, coping much better lots of tools and techniques for stress and anxiety. Cannot fault the service, my therapist was always very understanding, she is a fantastic asset to safety net, on the whole safety net helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and become a better calmer person.’


‘The help has been outstanding – the most important thing for me being taken seriously & practical advice offered. The most important thing has to be able to ‘talk it all out’ & just have someone listen who wasn’t judgmental.’


It has helped me become a lot stronger


I am the best person I have ever been, I feel like I would not have recovered without the help of Safetynet